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Green Anode Plant

From dry material preparation, paste preparation, anode forming and cooling to anodes conveying, including specific emission treatment, Fives proposes high capacity Green Anode Plants for the manufacturing of pre-baked anodes.

Anode Baking

Fives proposes Fume Treatment Centers to treat fumes coming from the Anode Baking furnaces as well as Firing and Control Systems for an optimum baking of the anodes leading to an excellent behaviour on pots.

Gas Treatment

Fives' Gas Treatment Centers aim at reducing HF emissions and enriching alumina as required in the process. Fives proposes different filtration technologies fitted with gas cooling, SO2 removal and potroom emissions processing technologies, as well as a combined Fume and Gas treatment Center.  


Fives supplies melting/holding furnaces, metal delivery equipment, water cooling system and launders for the casthouse. Fives has also developed Genios, a electromagnetic metal moving system both for stirring and casting.