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Fives Aluminium Pitch Liquid pitch terminal Sohar-FIVES

Fives’ technology in liquid pitch processing at the Green Anode Plant is based on introducing the pitch in the green anode preparation line under strict process conditions to meet stringent quality and sustainability.

Liquid Pitch delivery

The liquid pitch is delivered at the Green Anode Plant by road tankers and stored into local tanks. From the local tanks, it is introduced in the green anode production line by two combined process loops to ensure that the liquid pitch is introduced in the green anode production line at optimal quantity and viscosity conditions.

  • Temperature adjustment: the primary loop fitted with a heat exchanger allows to properly adjusting the temperature and viscosity of the liquid pitch
Fives Aluminium  Pitch Unloading Back april16-FIVES
  • Accurate proportioning: the secondary loop equipped with a Coriolis flowmeter ensures that the exact quantity of liquid pitch is mixed with the dry material for anode paste preparation

All the Liquid Pitch Processing Facilities are heated with heat transfer medium.

Solid pitch melting

Fives’ solution for solid pitch melting combines high capacity, performance and environment protection.

  • High capacity: melting rates up to 8 tph and continuous operation allows to cope with high capacity modern Green Anode Plants
  • Liquid pitch quality: smooth and homogenous melting are obtained thanks to inner heating coils and rotating agitators.The accurate monitoring of the liquid pitch temperature is essential
  • Environment protection: the proper sealing of the Fives’ solid pitch melter prevents any fumes emission

Fives proposes an environmentally friendly, safe and easy to operate solution, which is perfectly adapted to modern large primary aluminium smelters.

Fives Aluminium Pitch Back Fev16-FIVES

The Fives' Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal consists in a sea vessel unloading station, a set of storage tanks, a road tankers loading station.

All the facilities are heated with heat transfer medium.

Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal 

  • High unloading rates: unloading pumps from 250 to 600 tph capacity allow quick operations and reduction of sea vessels unloading time
  • Large storage capacity: storage tanks up to 12,000 tons capacity well adapted to large size smelters granting autonomy and flexibility in operation. Large storage capacities allow bigger thus more economical liquid pitch shipments
  • Environment protection: pitch fumes from the storage tanks and from the road tankers loading station efficiently captured and treated in a regenerative catalytic oxidation (RCO) system. Pumps fitted with magnetic coupling for proper sealing in order to prevent any liquid pitch leakage
  • Safety:
    - Fire detection & abatement systems
    - Safety valves to prevent under or over pressure in the storage tanks
    - Compressed air blanketing in the storage tanks
  • Easy operation: flexible hoses and/or articulated arms to make easier sea vessels unload and road tankers loading operations

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