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Calcined coke is delivered to the Green Anode Plant area either by trucks or railway cars. Then it is transferred into storage silos prior to be directed to the relevant processing sections.

Coke handling at the Green Anode Plant

Fives’ solutions for coke handling and storage at the Green Anode Plant combine reliability, quality, sustainability and environmental protection.

Global design to avoid any degradation of the quality of coke:

  • Regular coke particle distribution: concrete flat bottom storage silos with evenly distributed extractors allow homogeneous coke particle distribution
  • Limited particle degradation: handling equipment such as belt conveyors, bucket elevators and vibrating feeders are smoothly operated to limit coke particles degradation

 Equipment designed and selected with special care to minimize contamination:

  • Dust containment: dust proof lifting chutes tightly adjusted are used to extract the coke from the trucks or railway cars. Dust collection points are provided in all sensitive areas and connected to a central bag filter to avoid dusty emissions to the surrounding
  • No material leakage: connections between equipment are carefully designed to prevent any material leakage

Implementation of simple, state-of-the-art and proven solutions to confer to the coke handling facility the best reliability:

  • Equipment high availability ratio: handling equipment is selected and designed to ensure high availability and to protect the operations from detrimental shutdown
  • Easy operation & maintenance: access to all areas is carefully provided for regular preventive inspection

Green Anode Plant

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