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Fives Aluminium Alumina CascadeFeading 3D-FIVES

The main purpose of Gas Treatment Centers is to enrich alumina with fluoride before returning the fluorinated alumina to the pots.

External Alumina Handling

Besides Gas Treatment Centers, Fives can provide on a turn-key basis the alumina handling systems between the GTCs and electrolysis pots.

These systems include:

  • All storage silos fitted with screening, feeding and extraction systems
  • Fluorinated alumina conveying and distribution to each pot
  • Anode covers material distribution to potroom

Pots and GTC interfaces integration

For customers, the integration of the whole network between GTCs and pots in a global offer reduces the number of interfaces and provides a global guarantee.

HF Abatment & Alumina enrichment

Discover our technologies for Gas Treatment Center

Cascade, an alumina feed solution

Discover our technologies for Cascade, an alumina feed solution

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