ECL Transfer Systems

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Fives Aluminium ECL Transfer system Front Janv16-FIVES

To help customers in their maintenance operations, Fives has developed a global transfer system including transfer gantry, raising girders and retractable bumpers. 
This system is designed to transport ECL Pot Tending Assembly, Tapping and Miscellaneous Assembly and Cathode Transport Assembly fully loaded.

The transfer gantry moves on rails embedded in the floor, connecting potrooms to the maintenance hall. Locking devices immobilize the transfer gantry on the building and automatically align the runway rail to allow for safe loading or unloading of cranes.
In addition, platforms assembly are integrated in the transfer gantry to provide inspection and maintenance personnel safe access to runway level and electrical rails level. 

Crane transfer average time : 30 minutes

Fives Aluminium ECL Transfer system Back Janv16-FIVES

Fully interconnected system

An electrical safety system between the raising girders, retractable bumpers and the transfer gantry itself avoid any risk of collision and damage. Moreover, a locking device integrated in the transfer gantry immobilizes the ECL Pot Tending Assembly or Cathode Transport Assembly while being conveyed between the different potrooms and the maintenance hall.

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