ECL Potroom cranes

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Fives Aluminium ECL Potroom cranes Front Fev16-FIVES

As an enterprising partner, Fives provides cathode cranes, superstructure cranes, tapping cranes and any other handling cranes to meet all customers’ expectations.

More than 40 Potroom cranes in operation worldwide

Fives Aluminium ECL Potroom cranes Back Fev16-FIVES

Reduction line environment

Thanks to a great expertise in reduction line conditions: magnetic field, alumina and carbon dust, fluoride and sulphurous anhydride fumes… Fives can ensure ECL Potroom Cranes will perfectly fit in this hard environment. 

Insulation control system

Fives guarantees the implementation of, at least, 3 levels of insulation. These physical insulating levels are controlled by a patented efficient automatic electrical control system, which is the only way to keep crane operators in full safe situation. 

ECL Tapping Crane and Cathode Crane can also be fitted with their own fully integrated lifting beams.

ECL Potroom Cranes are tailor made and any lifting capacity can be proposed according to customer’s needs.

  • Tapping crane up to 40 t
  • Cathode crane up to 300 t

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