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Fives Aluminium Green Anode Plant Sohar-FIVES

Most customers are looking to stretch their anodes production capacity and to improve the quality of the anodes with the objective of boosting their aluminium production through additional pots or higher pot amperage.

Either for greenfield smelters or for the expansion of existing plants, Fives proposes solutions that enable aluminium producers to run high capacity Green Anode Plants without any compromise on the performance while reducing significantly their costs (OPEX and CAPEX).

>90% availability rate

Fives Aluminium GAP Qatalum Anode-FIVES

A long standing experience in Green Anode Plants technologies:

  • A 60 tph capacity single line at Qatalum.
  • 17 new Green Anode Plants in the last 25 years
  • 38 Green Anode Plants since 1954
  • < 2% green rejects
  • Density 1.64 with 20% butts only and coke DA1 1.73

Sustainable and cost effective solutions

Fives’ Green Anode Plants provide enhanced capacity and performance while complying with high standards in terms of health, safety, and environment protection.

Fives implements advanced technologies based on proprietary equipment such as: Rhodax crusher, TSV classifiers, coke preheater and Xelios, the latest generation of vibrocompacting machine.

Green Anode Plants Technologies

Dry material preparation

40% less equipment than conventional process

Anode paste preparation

Tailor-made solutions for paste quality optimization

Anode forming

High density anodes thanks to Xelios vibrocompactor

Anode cooling

An advanced proprietary thermal modeling of the cooling process

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