Anode Paste Preparation

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Fives Aluminium Preheating Screw for paste preparation Sohar-FIVES

From pitch and dry material dosing systems to paste mixing and cooling, Fives offers tailor-made solutions for paste quality optimization.

The Fives added value is based on a perfect knowledge of the process and available technologies, the development of specific proprietary equipment and the integration of its own advanced control software.

Safety and easy operation

Thanks to a well-designed layout, the access for maintenance of process equipment is easy and safe. Reduced noise, controlled emissions and insulation of hot surfaces contribute to a safe working area. Through the perfect knowledge of available technologies and the meticulous design of the proprietary equipment and advanced control systems, Fives’ solutions are optimized to meet Customer’s needs and requirements in terms of operation and maintenance. 

The Intensive Mixing Cascade (IMC®), a cost effective solution for better paste homogeneity

  • A continuous intensive pan mixer fitted with one or several rotor(s), with fixed or variable speed drives, standard or specific tools, etc...
  • A proprietary dry mix preheating screw fitted with a variable speed drive (to maximize continuously the heat exchange rate according to the throughput rate) and a proprietary designed HTM heating loop for a very accurate outlet temperature control of the dry mix
  • A continuous intensive pan remixer-cooler fitted with the same optional features, plus water spraying devices in the inlet duct

The conventional kneading solution

This solution includes the same pieces of equipment than for the IMC®, except the continuous paste kneader that is used as a mixer instead of the intensive pan mixer.

A long experience in all available technologies

Fives has developed many technologies for the anode paste preparation. From the first anode paste kneaders in the 1950’s, the first continuous anode paste cooler in 1990, to the first Intensive Mixing Cascade in 2002, Fives has acquired a unique expertise for such processes. Specialists of the Fives Aluminium speciality are able to evaluate customer’s expectations and to propose accordingly the best suitable solution among the two benchmarking alternatives available on the market.

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