Anode Conveying

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Fives Aluminium Anode conveying 1-FIVES

From the cooling tunnel to the anode baking furnace and rodding shop, Fives designs and supplies automated anode handling systems.

A range of automated solutions for anode handling

  • Power & Free conveyors
  • Roller conveyors, pull-bar conveyors, turntables, tilters, pushers, anode lifts, etc
  • Cleaning machine for anode blocks (scraper) and holes
  • Clore sampler
  • Slotting machine
Fives Aluminium Anode conveying 2-FIVES

Expertise as a global turnkey supplier

From design studies to construction and commissioning, Fives supplies turnkey systems worldwide. The solutions meet the major aluminium producer's requirements in terms of reliability and productivity.

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