SO₂ Removal

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Fives Aluminium SO2 removal Qatalum GTC-FIVES

In order to fulfill the stringent environmental regulations related to high capacity smelters, Fives proposes seawater treatment system downstream GTCs for SO2 removal.

Blow down water from the absorber is neutralized as the pH of the solution is raised up to approximately 6.5 by adding fresh seawater. Also, sulfite ions are oxidized into less harmful sulfates ions by aeration of water, using air blowers and aerators. 

When no seawater is available, Fives also proposes alkali scrubbers based on soda ash or sodium hydroxide.

An eco-friendly solution with many assets:

  • < 0.008 kg F/t Al at wet scrubbers outlet
  • High efficiency on SO2 removal (90-95%)
  • No solid waste thanks to the use of the natural alkalinity of seawater
  • Rejected water with no impact over marine ecosystem

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