Potroom Emissions Processing

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Fives Aluminium potroom emissions processing Alba YPRIOS-FIVES

To further reduce smelters emissions, Fives has developed a range of technologies designed to lower significantly global potroom emissions.

Fives' potroom emission processing solutions are designed to increase significantly fume capture flowrate while pot covers are removed (during anodes replacement or maintenance operations), in order to limit fugitive emissions to atmosphere. Fives' solutions improve directly the working conditions for operators and reduce fluorine roof emissions by up to 30%.

Depending on the smelter configuration and customers' requirements, Fives offers two boosted suction solutions.

Yprios is the optimum solution for the lowest potroom emissions.

The Yprios technology offers an optimal level of performance and is perfectly adapted for greenfield projects to achieve the lowest HF emission levels. It is based on a dual duct network on each pot, which provides boosted suction flow when pot covers are removed to avoid gas emissions.

As the system is independent for each pot, one pot in boosted suction mode does not affect suction flow on the other pots of the same potline.

Why choosing the Yprios technology? 

  • It is well adapted to modern high amperage smelters
  • It divides roof emissions by two
  • It does not create artificial pressure drop on the gas circuit
  • It requires low OPEX

S-Yprios is the cost effective solution for the lower potroom emissions.

The S-Yprios technology is based on a dual position valve installed on a single gas circuit. It offers the possibility to choose between a normal flow for normal pot operation and a boosted suction flow when needed.
It allows to control pots flow balancing over an entire potline, both in normal and boosted suction modes.

Why choosing the S-Yprios technology?

  • It allows to reduce by 30% roof emissions
  • It is a lower CAPEX solution
  • It is easy to install on brownfield smelters

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