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For more than two centuries, Fives has been adapting to changes which mark the industrial revolutions. Digitization is now at the forefront of most industries' attention and is becoming the driving force behind performance and flexibility. By combining analysis and advanced control functions with knowledge and expertise on equipment and processes, Fives can improve both global overall operational efficiency and working conditions in the smelters.

Fives' digital solutions at the heart of the aluminium industry today and tomorrow

AMELIOS Suite, for a full carbon digital chain

Amelios Suite features advanced sensors for collecting and synchronizing all data linked to the anode, in order to issue a complete anode ID Card, including green, baked and butt details.

A complete Carbon Block Tracking Package links those data, allowing for a continuous evaluation of the quality of the anodes in the Green Anode Plant, after baking and finally in correlation with its performance on pots, and for KPI follow-up.

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This suite presently includes:

  • A Green Anode Package providing:
    • a monitoring system including a Vision-based identification and inspection system,
    • process optimization tools, in particular as regards to binder optimization
  • A Baked Anode Package featuring the monitoring of the Firing & Control Systems, as well as a baked anode quality analyser.
  • An Anode Usage Package shortly available to monitor some parameters in relation with the anode performance in reduction cells.

SMARTCrane, for optimal crane maintenance

SMARTCrane makes it possible to shift from reactive support to pro-active maintenance, relying on a "real time" service wherein the problems are dealt before failure occurs.

It includes:

  • Notification of machine critical occurence for failure prediction
  • Data sharing between operation and maintenance
  • Remote assistance
  • Dedicated advices from OEM and experts' reports
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency dashboard
  • And in the foresseable future, predictive maintenance

SMART GTC, for enhancing smelter environmental performance

The Smart Gas Treatment Center allows for a global emission improvement, alumina fluorination enhancement, and operating cost savings.

Emission monitoring and control of all process parameter are performed via a single interface.

It features:

  • Advanced Process Control module (ex: Stability of % Fluoride on Alumina)
  • Equipment Monitoring module for optimal operation (ex: Extension of Filter bags' Life time)
  • Prediction and implementation of key parameters based on history