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Fives Aluminium Preheating equipment Novelis casthouse-FIVES

In the molten aluminium area, it is highly important to ensure that no moisture will come into contact with metal. Such requirements have lead to increased demands for the supply of pre-heating furnaces for the drying of solid aluminium before it is charged into the cast house melting furnaces.

Safe and energy efficient equipment

To comply with such criterias, Fives has developed pre-heating and scrap charging equipment, which combine low capital investment and high operation efficiency. Cycles and temperature ranges are adjusted according to clients’ requests.

The pre-heating equipment also allows reducing metal temperature losses, thus reducing the heating energy required by the downstream melting furnace. 

  • Reference load: 20 MT of Primary and recycled Aluminium Ingots (T-bar, sow)
  • Operating temperature up to 500 °C
  • 3 hours to a target load temperature of 230 °C
  • 2 hours to a target load temperature of 150 °C

Pre-heating equipment type 

  • Scrap metal pre-heaters
  • Launder heaters
  • Siphon tube pre-heaters
  • Drain pan pre-heaters
  • Crucible pre-heaters

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