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Fives Aluminium Metal stirring moving Genios VCM-FIVES

Genios is an electromagnetic liquid aluminium moving system, which allows to stir, transfer and cast the metal, all from one unit.

Genios is designed to be inherently safe, having a robust patented metal interface and metal flow will stop in the event of power failure.

Genios can be safely adapted to a wide range of furnace types with minimal civil works.


Genios, stirring and casting in a single unit:

  • +/-2% temperature homogeneity when stirring
  • +/-3 mm flow accuracy when casting
  • 10% dross reduction
  • Improved metal quality and better chemical homogeneity
  • Safe and fully automatic system, no operator intervention
  • Reduced maintenance

See Genios in operation - Casting

Fives Aluminium Genios electromagnetic metal transfer system-FIVES

Technical features

  • Inductor: to produce the electromagnetic field, so inducing movement within the molten metal
  • Mounting Interface: a physical interface between the working face of the inductor and the molten metal. It also provides the mechanical mounting arrangement to locate and hold the inductor
  • Water Cooling System to cool inductor
  • Power Supply: mounted within an enclosed electrical cabinet
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) in order to allow the operator to control & monitor the operating functions of the system 
  • Casting Channel positioning system (not required if using Genios purely for stirring applications)

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