Metal delivery equipment

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Fives Aluminium Metal delivery system-FIVES

Transfer of molten aluminium from the potroom crucibles into the furnaces and vice versa can be carried out through different methods. One of the most common way to transfer metal from crucible into furnaces is by crucible tilt machine.

The unique Liquid Metal Transfer and Delivery system developed by Fives complies with the high safety requirements necessary to deliver liquid metal over private or public roads.

The Fives' technology includes clients’ specific solutions:

  • Pre-heating systems
  • Transport crucibles and road trailers
  • Lifting beams
  • Maintenance stations
  • Tilting stations
  • Software for programming and scheduling
  • Weighing systems

A safe and reliable solution for metal delivery, which allows:

  • Long distance transport
  • Reduced heat loss
  • High integrity of metal containment
  • Low dross generation during metal transfer

Transfer system type

  • Bottom tapping
  • Top pouring spout arrangement
Fives Aluminium Molten Metal Casthouse-FIVES

Siphoning is the lowest dross generation metal transfer practice. Fives’ siphoning system can reduce dross by up to 50% compared to conventional solutions.

Fives’ siphoning technology can be easily adapted to existing furnaces, and features:

  • Automated vacuum control 
  • Reliable tube handling systems

An easy and quick solution for metal transfer which features:

  • Low dross production
  • Nominal transfer rate: 2,500 kg/min

Siphoning systems type

  • Furnace roof mounted
  • Building structure mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Vehicle mounted
Fives Aluminium Fjardaal siphoning system-FIVES

Fives’ crucible tilt machine allows proportional control tilting and is suitable to a wide range of crucible sizes. It is designed for consistent metal pouring rates and relies on an automated process.

 Tilting table types

  • Hydraulic actuation table
  • Shop crane actuated table
Fives Aluminium tilting tables Casthouse-FIVES

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