Heat Treatment Furnaces

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Fives Aluminium Heat treatment furnaces Garmco-FIVES

Fives’ furnaces technologies can perform homogenizing, annealing or pre-rolling reheating cycles to suit client’s production and alloy criteria by optimizing heat/cooling rate and temperature uniformity.

Thermal models have been specifically developed to predicatively control the thermal cycle of the furnaces in order to reduce the intervention required from operators and the reliance on physical load thermocouples.

Slab Reheating furnaces

Fives proposes flexible slab reheating furnaces which can operate either in continuous, semi-continuous, batch operation modes or a combination of all modes.

  • Slab size:
    4.500 mm x 1.670 mm x 600 mm
  • Heat to 540 °C +/-10° in 4 hours
  • Slab temperature uniformity:
    +/- 3 °C
Fives Aluminium HTF Bridgnorth Slab reheating furnace casthouse-FIVES

Billet Homogenizing Furnaces

Fives offers batch homogenizing furnaces for the refining of aluminium billets after production by casting. The solution includes the billet handling equipment, furnace charge / discharge equipment and cooling chambers.

  • Billet load: 150 mm diameter x 8.000 mm (10 billets high x 13 billets wide)
  • Billet temperature uniformity: +/- 3 °C

Annealing furnaces

Fives’ complete range of batch process Coil and Foil Annealing Furnaces for reheating and annealing coil stock is adapted to the various stages in the hot and cold rolling processes for coil and foil production.

  • Reference load: 6 x 7.5 MT coils
  • Heating from 25 °C to 360 °C +/- 10° in 7 hours
  • Cooling from 360 °C to 200 °C +/- 10° in 3 hours
  • Annealing coil temperature uniformity: +/- 3 °C
Fives Aluminium HTF Karmoy annealing furnaces casthouse-FIVES

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