Casting Line Ancillaries

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Fives Aluminium Casting line ancillaries Sohar-FIVES

Fives supplies cost effective Water Cooling Plants for various aluminium casting processes. These systems meet requirements for open mould continuous ingot casting machines and direct chill casting processes.

Fives' system is suitable to operate in adverse climate conditions ranging from hot climates down to sub-arctic environment.

Depending on the project requirements, it can be designed to operate with various cooling technologies:

  • Open evaporative cooling towers
  • Closed loop heat exchangers
  • Chiller units
Fives Aluminium Qatalum heat exchangers casting line-FIVES
  • Low water consumption
  • Reduced energie consumption
  • Low plume abatement

From simple transfer launders to fully integrated launder systems, Fives offers a wide range of launder options to suit customers’ requirements. 

  • Launder through steelwork including flanges and fixings
  • Pre-cast or pre-formed launder refractories
  • Choices of burner, electrical element and hot air blower heating solutions
  • Variety of lids designs: automated or manual operation
  • Easy installation: pre-assembled sections
  • Low heat loss
  • High heat retention
  • Longevity of refractory material lifetime


  • Level controls
  • Temperature probes
  • Pre-heaters
  • Degassers
  • Rod grain feeders
  • Ceramic foam filters
  • Control gates
  • Drainage points
  • Access platforms
Fives Aluminium Casthouse Casting-FIVES

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