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Capitalizing on a solid knowledge of recycled bath products and their interaction with the pot operation, Fives has been offering global solutions for bath processing units for more than 30 years.

40 Plants operating worlwide since 1984

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Fives proposes innovative technologies to meet pot lines growing expectations in terms of bath quality. From handling and cooling of hot bath to the production of scrap free cover bath at a specific grainsize, Fives’ tailor-made plants are efficient, robust and easy to run.

A flexible Bath Processing unit which is: 

  • Able to treat any kind of bath according to customer’s needs: cleaning bath, pallets, crust bath, tapped bath…
  • Fitted with specific handling and pre-crushing equipment to accept all types of feeding: skip tilting station, skip lifting unit, belt or apron conveyors, feeding grids and hoppers…

Celsios, a dedicated solution for hot bath processing and cooling

The hot bath handling and storage before crushing has become the major source of residual fluoride emissions, leading investors and operators to look for solutions to avoid its storage. 
Fives has developed Celsios, a dedicated solution for hot bath processing and cooling ahead of the crushing operation without lengthy storage. A specific hot crust lump breaker (up to 900°C feed temperature), feeds a low speed metallic pan conveyor used simultaneously for bath cooling and bath transportation up to the feeding hopper of the crushing unit. Hooding and ducting network collect the fumes to send them to one of the GTC’s for efficient fluoride abatement.

Scrap free bath for better pot coverage

The quality and the purity of bath are critical for pots operation. 

Fives’ Bath Treatment Plants are designed to collect most of the scrap mixed with raw material. Several magnetic separators and extractors are designed to remove all steel and iron parts. Vibrating screens, special grids, and cleaning facilities in the crusher are provided to remove plastic, wood, aluminium lens and other impurities.

Fives also proposes a unique solution to detect and remove carbon blocks from bath feeding using visual detection.

Once processed, the cover bath and the pure bath are stored in separate silos and can be delivered in big bags, in trucks, in mobile hoppers or even sent with pneumatic conveyor.

Crushing solutions suitable for  all requirements

Customers’ needs for pot operation may differ depending on Bath grain size requirement.

In the 1980’s, Fives has pioneered the use of the dry-process autogenous mills for bath crushing. Today it is largely recognized as the state-of-the-art technology and Fives proposes different solutions to best fit the end user requirements: 

  • Fully air-swept autogenous mill:
    - Dedicated to 0-15 mm bath production
    - Capable of handling up to 1m dia. ingots via skip feeding
  • Gravity discharge autogenous mill (rotary breaker):
    - Dedicated to coarser bath production (0-20 mm or more)

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