Firing and Control System

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Fives Aluminium Firing and Control System Qatalum-FIVES

With more than 30 years experience in anode baking worldwide, Fives proposes a technology adapted to productivity, quality and environmental constraints.

On the furnace, Fives offers a set of accurate, reliable and robust equipment designed to control high temperatures in compliance with industrial safety standards. In the control area, a computerized system adjusts, supervises and optimizes the baking process through user friendly HMI.

<1,8 GJ/tba energy consumption

Fives Aluminium FCS Qatalum Equipement-FIVES

Combustion Optimization

Optimizing the combustion of organic compounds improves the process efficiency while lowering emissions.

Fives has developed an advanced combustion control based on carbon monoxide (CO), setting the quantity of fuel injected according to the oxygen available. The system identifies any flue wall in incomplete combustion and corrects the situation within a few minutes. The system also guarantees the complete burning of the pitch volatiles by maximizing the oxygen content in the preheating area using a patented fuel injection matrix algorithm.


  • Improvement of the fuel consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance costs for baking process

A proven expertise in anode baking process:

  • Pitch burning efficiency < 99%
  • Real Density Standard Deviation < 0.005
  • +/-1°C temperature control accuracy
  • Low NOx 
  • Consistent anode quality

Advanced fuel injection technology

Based on its intensive research program with a full scale testing flue wall, Fives has developed an advanced fuel injection system to produce uniform flame profile and reduce NOx emission:


  • Improved temperature distribution
  • Improved heat transfers
  • Better baking quality and homogeneity
Fives Aluminium FCS Flue-wall-bench-test anode-baking-FIVES

Enhanced baked anode quality

The final objective of a high quality baking is to improve cell performances: iso-reactive, high strength and conductive anodes are the main targets. Fives' control system includes algorithms to optimize thermal distribution, temperature gradients and soaking period, temperature control in the crossover area.

Fives provides a new technology to enhance furnace sealing in order to limit tar deposit and optimize fuel consumption. This solution is based on the use of advanced materials and offers a new potential of process improvement in anode baking furnaces.

A flexible membrane is held between two rigid plates and encloses the inner refractory port when inflated. The inflatable membranes are grouped per fire in an independent structure: the Port Sealing Ramp (PSR).

Fives Aluminium FCS PSR Alro-FIVES

Port Sealing Ramps for sealing and combustion improvement:

  • Reduction of the cold air incursion into the fume exhaust ramp:
    - Limited condensation of exhausted fumes
    - More air for combustion
    - Improved temperature distribution and process efficiency
  • Resistance to extreme conditions
  • Flexible solution

A centralized controller with very high speed network is the most advanced technology available for anode baking control. HeliosRT is a computer control based technology connected with Real Time Ethernet network EtherCAT. The operators are equipped with touch pad for the remote control of the equipment in the furnace area.

HELIOSRT, the advanced Firing and Control System

  • Improved reliability and simplified maintenance: ramps fitted with I/O cards only, reducing the hardware configuration in the furnace area
  • Safety: SIL2-compliant
  • Cost effective solution: reduced CAPEX and OPEX

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