ECL Furnace Tending Assembly

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Fives Aluminium ECL Furnace Tending assembly Front Janv16-FIVES

Thanks to the implementation of pioneering technologies, Fives proposes an ECL Furnace Tending Assembly based on a modular concept, able to produce from 60,000 to 120,000 anodes per year.

A modular concept

The modularity of the ECL Furnace Tending Assembly allows customers to directly choose an equipment well adapted to their production and maintenance requirements, or to easily upgrade it in the future. The Furnace Tending Assembly can be equipped with:

  • One or two grabs
  • One or two filling pipes
  • A main pneumatic conveyance equipment delivering a suction rate from 85 m3/h to 115 m3/h
  • Some electrical panels or an electrical room
  • Several types of auxiliary hoists from 6T to 30 T hoist
  • A standard cabin or an extra width cabin
Fives Aluminium ECL Furnace Tending assembly Back Fev16-FIVES

ECL Furnace Tending Assembly, a customized solution to meet anode production requirements:

  • Up to 120,000 Anodes / Year / FTA
  • High reliability
  • Easy to operate

An excellent visibility

The ECL Furnace Tending Assembly keeps an impressive ease of driving. The position of tools (grab, filling pipe, sucking pipe) around the cabin is optimized to guarantee the best view, whatever the selected tool is.

A very high reliability

With more than 50 years of experience in the supply of Furnace Tending Assemblies and with a willingness to continuously improve its technology, Fives supplies very reliable equipment with an availability rate higher than 98%.

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