ECL Flue Wall maintenance tools

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Fives Aluminium ECL Full Wall Maintenance Tool Front Fev16-FIVES

A complete range of flue wall maintenance tools

Fives can supply a complete range of maintenance tools, from flue walls manufacturing to their destruction.

  • Flue wall elevator used during the construction of the flue wall to minimize the operator intervention
  • Flue wall brushing machine to clean the flue wall without any operator
  • Flue wall straightener to limit the deformation of pits
  • Flue wall maintenance platform to allow the maintenance team to work in safe conditions inside the pits
  • Flue wall demotion grab to quickly destroy a flue wall
  • Flue wall lifting beam to transform a new flue wall
  • Top bloc grab to handle the special top part of the flue wall

Flue wall maintenance is essential to reduce operating costs in the furnace. Fives’ equipment helps aluminum producers to perform furnace maintenance thanks to tools:

  • With an over 15-year life time
  • Easy to use and with a high level of efficiency
  • That minimize the impact on the ECL Fume Tending Assembly’ utilization rate

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