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The Fives’ customized Training Program

Initiated in 2014, Back2School is a Fives’ training program that offers trainings fully dedicated to Fives’ equipment and adapted to customer’s needs.

Back2School is a unique platform to develop exchanges between customers and technology/equipment suppliers.



Back2School aims at improving the technical and process knowledge of smelter’s operational and maintenance teams. It consists in the right combination of theory and practice with classroom course and on-site training on individual equipment.

Back2School provides the right expertise of an OEM supplier to optimize plant operation.



The program combines equipment, process, mechanical, electrical and basic science modules for both Carbon, Reduction and Casthouse sectors, through tailor-made modules according to the needs:

  • Green Anode Plant, Anode Baking and Bath treatment
  • Gas and Fume Treatment Centers
  • Potrooms and anode baking furnace cranes
  • Casthouse operations (equipment, metal quality and casting)



  • Equipment operating at its highest level of performance thanks to a more qualified staff
  • Increased equipment lifetime thanks to better operation and maintenance


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2018 Edition

The 4th edition was hosted by Sohar Aluminium in Oman from 14th to 18th October. 

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