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Fives aims at increasing the equipment/plants’ performance throughout life cycle.

Aluminium smelter technology have been changing throughout the years, thus calling for significant improvements.

Fives’ experts can assist customers in assessing modernization options. They are able to identify areas in which improvements can bring substantial benefits in terms of performance, reliability, productivity, environment, energy consumption and safety. The objectives are also to cope with new challenges such as amperage increase, new emission regulation and new anode quality (density, Fe content, ...).


Fives’ Services teams support customers in refurbishing equipment and facilities as an alternative to new plants for:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Extended lifetime of equipment and/or facilities


Relying on its experience and expertise combined with strong R&D programs, Fives proposes the implementation of a wide range of proven and innovative solutions in order to improve the performance of the plants.

Anode quality:

  • Xelios vibrocompacting unit fitted with vacuum and counter pressure
  • Eddy Current Separators to eliminate aluminium pollution as part of anode amperage increase

OPEX reduction:

  • Port Sealing Ramp to avoid cold air ingress during anode baking
  • Automatic bag leaks detection to minimize maintenance duration during bags replacement

Emission reduction:

  • Improvement of the pitch vapour captation with Eolios, the optimum combination of a dry scrubber with a RTO to treat emissions at the Green Anode Plant
  • Low Nox injectors to optimize combustion during anode baking
  • Reduction of pot emissions during maintenance activities with Yprios, the double suction system
  • Different technologies for Gas Cooling System to reduce pot gas temperature at GTC inlet