Alcoa Fjardaal

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As part of the construction of a 322,000 t/year aluminium smelter at Fjardaál, Iceland, Alcoa has awarded Fives with three contracts:

Scope of supply

  • Three Gas Treatment Centers fitted with Yprios, the optimum solution for lower potroom emissions, which consists in a boosted suction system to reduce emissions during pots maintenance
  • Four Holding Furnaces of 100t capacity each, electrically heated, with a single lift cylinder with on board siphon system
  • A Bath Processing Plant
  • Seven ECL™ Pot Tending Machines to perform all tasks on pots along with a Driving Simulator
  • One Transfer Gantry and the retractable bumpers to transport ECL™ Pot Tending Machines, Tapping and Miscellaneous Assemblies
  • ECL™ Crust Breaking and Alumina Feeding Devices, ECL™ Anode Connection Assemblies, ECL™ Jacking Systems
  • Two Anodes Beam Raising Frames

Fives’ latest technologies were chosen to ensure compliance with the very high environmental standards in Iceland.

Due to the high cost of construction manpower in Iceland, the shop fabrication and pre-assembly were optimized in order to reduce the construction activities on site. Some modules weighed 300t while measuring up to 24m in height.

The execution of this new and challenging project demonstrated not only the mastery of the design and installation of large-sized equipment, but also Fives’ ability to adapt to extreme conditions.