Training in Bahrain

Back to school in Bahrain-FIVES

In line with Fives’ ambition to develop Services, a training program dedicated to the local subsidiaries of the Aluminium division has been deployed in order to upgrade the technical competencies of the service engineers. 

By improving knowledge of carbon process and equipment, the local service team could better understand customers’ needs, interact more efficiently with Fives Solios SA in France, and thus, reaching a high level of autonomy.
One week training was organized at Alba site in Bahrain from 13 to 17 September, 2015, in addition to “webinars” sessions (remote web based trainings) planned over 2015. Ten people from Alba’s team, including Operation, Electrical & Instrumentation and Maintenance Mechanical supervisors, were attending along with 14 representatives from Fives Solios Inc (Montreal), Fives Solios SA (both Givors and St Germain en Laye facilities in France), Fives Services Southern Africa, Fives Services Gulf, Fives India and Fives Engineering Shanghai.
This event further completes Fives Solios SA involvement in terms of services that was demonstrated last May through the Fives Customer Day in Bahrain which was focused on emission processing in the reduction. This meeting was also a good opportunity for discussing with people operating daily Fives’ equipment and to get their feedback.
Fives is continuously demonstrating its proactive service commitment towards its customers.