Tomago Reward

fives Aluminium Fives Services Australia at Tomago-FIVES

In November 2017, Fives Services Australia received the Tomago Aluminium 2017 HSE Award. 

This is the second time within 5 years that the company has been rewarded with the Health, Safety and Environment Award by Tomago Aluminium. This recognition reflects the values, attitudes and safe work practices of the whole Services’ team based in Newcastle. 

Fives Services Australia has a dedicated maintenance team based at the Tomago Aluminium smelter, offering maintenance and support for all Fives products as well as for cranes and lifting equipment supplied by other companies. The team is also involved in projects such as crane refit or modernization, high risk tasks such as work at a height, heavy lifting work, etc. The team was praised by the Tomago Aluminium CEO, Mr Matt Howell, “for not only working safely to the highest standard, but also for delivering a consistent and high level of support, especially during after-hours breakdowns”.

This reward illustrates the way Fives Group Safety Golden Rules and best practices are implemented on Tomago site.