Successful completion of improvement projects in ALBA

Photo 2-FIVES

Fives has just completed four improvement projects on ECL equipment at ALBA smelter in Bahrain. They were related to:

  • Replacing the compressor control system of the 10 ECL Pot Tending Machines (PTM) of Line 5. The objective was to facilitate the machine maintenance by reducing breakdowns and making the system more accessible.
  • Modernizing the hydraulic drive of the same PTMs, based on obsolescence.
  • Improving the tapping hoist by replacing the current motors and mounting frames of 3 PTMs of Line 4 in order to facilitate maintenance and improve safety.
  • Performing a structural, mechanical and electrical Life Expectancy Audit of a 25-year ECL Cathode Transport Crane (CTC), which ALBA uses on both lines 4 and 5.

Engineering was carried out by Fives in France, while project management and supervision were executed by its local Service entity located in the Gulf area. Site inspection was jointly performed by both companies.

In addition to the 5-year maintenance contract for the Line 6 PTMs, which was signed in January 2019, these improvement projects demonstrate that Fives is constantly supporting ALBA in its efforts to maintain its production assets at the highest level of Performance and Safety.

Such excellent results were made possible thanks to a strong proximity with the customer through Fives' local subsidiary.