Services ensures performance during the lifetime of installations

Fives has the ambition to fully assist and proactively help its clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installations during operation by developing life cycle partnerships. Our four service subsidiaries located in Southern Africa, in the GCC, in China and in India provide our geographical customers with direct support, including after-sales service and technical assistance.

Thanks to this worldwide network, Fives has been collecting an important feedback of its installed base, promoting both the continuous improvement of the equipment and the increase of service quality. In order to extend the technical expertise easily accessible by its clients, with an improved proximity and reactivity, Fives has deployed specific training programs to these local subsidiaries and has increased the amount of resources dedicated to services. A specific methodology has been applied to meet clients’ needs in both their normal routine tasks, modifications and upgrading projects. The approach is based on the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including target values with tolerance range, corrective and/or preventive actions as well as service added value with measurable indicators. The proposed range of services includes process and maintenance audits, punctual or long-term assistance, training and any highly skilled intervention upon clients’ requirements.

Fives is convinced that such a collaboration fosters proximity and mutual trust and will help clients to better operate, optimize and evolve their plants.


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