Safety at Fives, a driver of operational excellence

Health, Safety and Environment are among the main objectives of the Group

Today, Fives aims at moving towards a strong safety culture shared by each and everyone, and at continuing along path of progress achieved over the past five years. The presence of a HSE coordinator helps us to put HSE on top of our priorities.
Audrey Duport has been working as HSE Coordinator for the Aluminium business line for two years. She answers three questions to explain her role within the organization.

What is the mission of the HSE Coordinator at Fives?

My role is to ensure that, at the end of a working day, Fives’ employees and our contractors are as fit and healthy as when they started it. To reach this objective, we first need to comply with any applicable regulations, standards and best practices and to ensure that we meet all our customers’ requirements. I work in collaboration with our Managers and staff in defining and implementing adequate control measures for the activities under their responsibilities.
Our HSE management system has been completely revised by using the principles of the OHSAS 18001 international safety standard. In the past few years, many procedures have been reviewed to ensure better control of our site activities.
For instance, a yearly audit planning has been set to make sure that regular HSE audits are carried out on all our projects.
Practical actions have been taken: integrating HSE supervision for night shift personnel on site, implementing safety awards for individuals on site and modifying the design of some pieces of equipment for safety purposes.
Last year, we completely reviewed our standard construction HSE plan to be up to date with the latest best practices and to ensure a better control of site activities. This revised plan has been implemented on the GTC modification project for Alba 5. 

Can you tell us more about Fives’ ambition in terms of safety?

During the past few years, we have worked with clients renowned for their high HSE policy. Being in contact with these clients on a daily basis has been a very valuable experience for our teams. We have met their expectations and achieved excellent safety records. Our ambition is to become fully independent from our customers to reach equivalent standards, whatever their expectations are. Our zero-accident policy must not be an objective but rather a certainty whatever the context of the project is. 

How is safety integrated in all phasesof a project?

At the very early stage of the project, the commercial team takes into account safety requirements in its offers including for revamping and expansion projects. Safety is also one of the main criteria to select our construction and commissioning contractors.
When the contract is awarded, Fives defines a project specific HSE construction plan that includes local statutory, existing constraints and client’s requirements. It draws up in details what the HSE organization will be on site.
This construction HSE plan is then passed on to the Site Manager and HSE Manager before the construction phase starts, in order to ensure that they are both aware of their responsibilities and familiar with the rules and procedures to be applied, including the emergency protocol specific to the project.
This plan will evolve as the project moves on.
At the end of each project, Fives’ management team reviews the safety performance and feedbacks from the site team. This process is essential to ensure that all deficiencies will be corrected for the next projects and to identify what must be reproduced to reach optimal safety performance.
HSE is a continuous improvement process.