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Tool Crane Repair Program is one of the maintenance solutions offered by Fives. Using a flexible approach, we help customers to optimize performance, decrease production downtime, while ensuring the right quality at a minimum maintenance cost.

In  2019, we established a Service agreement to take care of the whole repair cycle of Pot and Furnace Tending Assemblies for an European-based customer plant, with a leading turnaround time from door to door.  These machines are equipped with tools that are operating in very difficult conditions, so choosing the Tool Crane Repair Service is a way to optimize the lifespam of tools, minimize risk of failure, reduce and fix maintenance costs, and eventually improve crane overall productivity... With more than 50 years of OEM know-how and technical expertise, Fives can rebuilt and repair equipment with an extension of warranty, offering a second life for it. Within Fives’ certified workshop, equipment is disassembled, cleaned and worn parts are replaced. In addition, such repair program enables the integration of the latest technological developments, while meeting the highest level of safety standard compliance. Thus, refurbishing existing equipment is a cost effective alternative and sustainable option.

With the Tool Crane Repair Service, Pot and Furnace Tending Assemblies damaged tools are repaired within an optimized timeframe and back in production with minimal administration, cost and inconvenience.