Pot Tending Assembly modernization at Trimet

Fives Aluminium  Pot Tending Assembly Modernisation at Trimet july16-FIVES

In March 2016, Fives ECL started a shovel tool on each of the two F potroom Pot Tending Assemblies (PTA) at Trimet plant in St Jean de Maurienne (France). Machines were delivered by ECL in 1978. In 1984, the customer made himself a shovel handled by the tapping trolley hook to improve the quality of operations and performance of the electrolysis process.

These shovels are used to clean the cavities during anode change but the existing tool had several drawbacks:

  • Need to remove it after use to perform the tapping operation,
  • No guiding device and no visibility from the cabin,
  • Non-optimized shape of buckets to collect the wastes,
  • Many HSE risks (high risk of shocks with ground operators but also with the material stored on the floor)

To address these issues, Fives ECL provided an onboard hydraulic shovel on the PTA, similar to those equipping the latest generation of machines, which can be operated from the cabin or from the ground via radio control.
This new solution makes the operator’s life easier by reducing the time spent in assembling / dismantling while improving cleaning quality thanks to a push capacity increased by hydraulic power. On the other hand, the cycle time for the cleaning operation of the cavities is reduced significantly.
In order to decrease installation time on site, Fives ECL has performed pre-assembly at its Ronchin workshops by making maximum cabling and piping works. Then, erection of the equipment has been performed by the customer under Fives ECL’ supervision for start-up. 
The customer feedback is very positive towards after these improvements.