New filter unclogging technology

Fives has validated a new filter unclogging proprietary technology for Gas Treatment Centers and Fume Treatment Centers. This solution has been called UP VALVE (Unclogging Piston Valve) and combines a compressed air tank and injection valves.

These valves are used to inject low pressure compressed air to unclog periodically TGT and Ozeos filter bags. Up to now, this feature was achieved by IAP VALVES. However, Fives experienced some operational failure with such technology, especially in hot countries, triggering investigations to find an alternate technology meeting at best aluminium and cement plants temperature requirements.

The new aluminium valves can resist up to 100°C and provide a longer lifetime. They are also easier to install and dismantle, thus making maintenance operations faster. In parallel, laboratory tests have confirmed that the unclogging efficiency of these new valves is equivalent to that of IAP VALVES.