Fives' Safety achievements at Ma'aden Aluminium

Health & Safety are among Fives' priorities at all stages of project execution

A strong organization to meet high safety requirements

During construction of the Ma’aden Alcoa Joint Venture project in Saudi Arabia, Health & Safety were among Fives’ priorities, and we reached some very good achievements:

  • Solios Thermal has just received a Safety Award for the Contractor of the Month, rewarding 250,000 manhours without any lost time injuries. As the furnaces were delivered pre-assembled on site, the construction work on site has been considerably reduced.
  • Solios Carbone reached more than 6,500,000 manhours without any lost time injuries for the construction of the Green Anode Plant, the Bath Processing unit and the Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal. During the construction, Solios Carbone also received several «flags» which rewarded the best supplier of the month in terms of safety.
  • Solios Environnement reached 3,000,000 manhours without any lost time injuries for the construction of the GTCs.

Health & Safety is one of the most important challenges for our customers and Fives has demonstrated its commitment to meet these requirements.
Such results have been reached thanks to a strong collaboration with the teams of Bechtel, Alcoa and Ma’aden and thanks to the organization set up as well as the discipline and the involvement of all the people on site: Safety is everyone’s responsibility!