GENIOS, a pioneering technology for metal stirring, submerging and casting

In January, 2014, Genios, the latest generation of electromagnetic metal moving system developed by Fives, was awarded the Engineered Sustainability® label. This is a label delivered by the Executive Innovation Board of the Fives Group following a thorough and successful evaluation of best-in-class products in terms of environmental performance. It demonstrates Fives’ commitment to reduce the environmental footprint for both the Group and its clients. Genios is an innovative and cost-effective technology which is the only solution that allows customers to stir and cast with the same system. From a single unit, it can stir metal to aid melt rates, alloy dissolution,   submerge light weight additions, reduce cycle times as well as energy consumption and transfer metal to casting machines at a rate of up to 30 tons per hour.

As demonstrated through the work achieved during the eco-design process, Genios is a solution combining industrial performance with sustainable development. This technology requires a minimal amount of energy to obtain a high level of alloy homogeneity: typically 20% savings on cycle time, 10% on gas consumption compared to manual techniques, and 50% on electricity consumption compared to comparable electromagnetic solutions.

It offers steady, controlled flow rates when transferring metal, it leads to a 15% decrease in metal wastage compared to mechanical transfer pumps and the typical dross production is reduced by 10% when compared to conventional furnace operations. In addition, this equipment is easy to install and use, with limited requirements for civil works or downtime for maintenance.

Genios improves operator safety - as there is no need for conventional tap out systems or mechanical pumps, thus allowing the operator to control the transferring function remotely via an operator screen. In the casting configuration, the patented casting sled system means that metal is transferred in a controlled way with low turbulence. In the event of a cast abort or power failure, metal transfer is immediately stopped, making the system extremely safe. 

The two contracts received in 2014 confirm the breakthrough position of the Genios technology. The first application was on a 60-ton existing Holding Furnace in order to improve throughput with the objective of producing alloys in the future. This technology was selected for its safe and reliable stirring capabilities, its low energy consumption and its easy installation on existing furnace. At the end of 2014, a second producer selected this technology as part of an upgrade project. Two Genios will be mounted on two existing static furnaces, with a common control system and cooling unit; they will be used both for stirring and casting metal.

These successes are a further indication of the market potential for GMAG, a new type of furnace developed by Fives. It consists of a high efficiency low weight static furnace, incorporating Genios for stirring and casting. GMAG will be offered in lieu of tilting furnaces to reduce CAPEX and footprint.