Garmco Project Major Milestones


In September, 2015, as part of its expansion project, Garmco (Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Co.) awarded Fives with an EPC contract for the construction of a new re-melt and casting facility dedicated to the production of 120,000 tpy of cast slab products. 

Since the Ground Breaking ceremony, which took place in January, 2016, and the official construction start up with the first stone columns performed in March, 1, 2016, the project has been being punctuated with major achievements.

In September 2016, after Fives’ teams set up a sophisticated process combining soil reinforcement columns, piling with secant piles to ensure that the completed civil works remained impervious to water, equipment and steel structure erection started: the first main furnace large-size casings were delivered on site in one piece prior to their final assembly, alongside with the installation of other equipment and the construction of the main building. The Twin chamber Furnace and the charging machines were delivered on site at the end of the year.
In the beginning of 2017, all the main pieces of equipment were on site for final installation and engineering was almost completed; the construction progress reached over 70%. One month later, the Air pollution control equipment based on Fives' latest technology was installed and the pit was prepared to accept all of the casting equipment to be installed in March. 

Through the implementation of the project, Fives’ teams have experimented a new 3D software to review the plant model in real time. By using Navisworks, the various design teams were able to explore and review the project model in real-time. They could verify locations, check dimensions, review collisions, import new objects and manipulate existing objects like never before. This step forward in the future has allowed team members and the Owner’s future operators to explore the project’s key physical and functional characteristics digitally before it is built.

All along the Garmco project execution, Fives has been being committed to safety with the objective to achieve zero workplace accident during construction, fabrication and commissioning phases. Several incentives were granted to workers to meet the highest HSE requirements: a safety reward a week and a gold hat a month. At the peak period, from January to the end of March, almost 500 people were working on site. In mid-February, 750,000 working hours were reached without any Lost Time Injuries. 

Next steps are the equipment commissioning to start in April, the plant hot commissioning, consisting in the first metal cast, planned in mid-July, 2017, and the plant to be fully operational in November 2017.