Focusing on the environment


Two customers have chosen Fives based on its industry-leading expertise and extensive experience in environmental pollution control solutions.

With the aim to drastically reduce emissions to comply with the European BREF 2016 regulations (Industrial Emissions Directives), in March, 2019, Aluminium Of Greece awarded Fives a contract for the supply of a Fume Treatment Center (FTC) as part of the modernization of its Anode Baking Furnace. It will implement the latest Fives’ filtration technology, Ozeos, featuring a compact footprint and providing easy access and minimal maintenance. The customer is targeting initial fume processing by mid-2020.

In order to deal with production capacity increase, leading to fume emissions at the Anode Baking Furnace, in December 2019, Sohar Aluminium awarded Fives a turnkey contract to upgrade its existing Fume Treatment Centre (FTC). Supplied by Fives in 2006, this FTC was initially designed for the production of 360,000 tonnes of aluminium per year, which now stands at 390,000 tonnes with the target to reach 400,000 tonnes through a gradual increase in pot amperage. Therefore, the current FTC could no longer handle excess fugitive emissions. Installation and commissioning of the new equipment are planned for the first quarter of 2021.