Fives’ Vibrocompactor Upgrade at Hillside

intervention on Vibro at Hillside dec17 WEB5g-FIVES

In October 2016, Fives Services Southern Africa signed a contract with South32 to supply, install and commission four new generation Vibrocompactor moulds at its Hillside Aluminium smelter located in Richards Bay, South Africa.

South 32 selected the local supply option, rather than importing the equipment, first to reduce delivery time but, above all, to maximize local procurement in order to follow the Government’ initiative for local employment development.

The equipment was installed and commissioned in the first Green Anode Plant in April 2017 by Fives’ teams and local subcontractors.

After a production period of three months to build anode stocks, the equipment was installed and commissioned at the second Green Anode Plant in July 2017.

This upgrade was a great success, bringing better anode quality in terms of slightly better density and reduced variability. In addition, plant availability has improved due to a reduction in unplanned shutdowns and less maintenance.  This excellent achievement is largely due to the cooperation and teamwork between the client and the Fives’ teams