Fives to commission and ramp-up Garmco new slab casting facility to full production.

Garmco casting-line web2-FIVES

As part of the GARMCO project, Fives was the EPC contractor in charge of all engineering, project management and construction of the new 120,000-tph slab casting facility in Bahrain.

After 2 years of engineering, sourcing, construction and commissioning activities, the GARMCO casthouse is now producing aluminum slabs from clean and post-consumer aluminium.

Five months after the first slab was produced, performance tests were successfully completed in mid-December 2017, and the plant is now operational.

The successful start-up of this project is the result of efforts driven by Fives and GARMCO’s project and operation teams, as well as carefully selected equipment suppliers and local sub-contractors. The start-up team dealt professionally with various challenges in terms of sourcing, logistics and the specific project technicalities to oversee all activities.

From July, the hot commissioning activities required all systems to be fully coordinated to ensure a safe implementation of the melting and casting process. The first cold metal was charged into the furnace at the end of July, just after the first furnace refractory was dried out. The first slab was cast on August 3, 2017.

Throughout this ramp-up phase, Fives handed over the operation to GARMCO’s operations team; slabs were continuously produced under Fives’ supervision and assistance. At the beginning of December 2017, the casthouse production reached 6 cast per day with an excellent quality.

All along the project execution, Safety was one of Fives’ main drivers, HSE requirements were always kept at a high standard for the entire plant and all personal included. the client has recognized this performance. By implementing Fives’ Safety Golden rules, the team has demonstrated a proactive approach to Risk Management by sharing good practices to anticipate any unsafe situation. This strong policy allowed for reaching 1,500,000 man hours without LTI at the end of October, 2017. Such a great achievement was also congratulated by GARMCO.

Fives‘ expertise both in EPC activities and production process combined with in-house multi-discipline know-how in Melting process and automation have made of this project a huge success.