Fives' Anode Baking Technology preferred by Customers


Two customers selected Fives' technology for its reliability, versatility, robustness and ease of use; addressing production and environmental constraints.

In July 2019, as part of the construction of new smelters in Russia, Fives’ team successfully started-up Firing & Control Systems (FCS) in a first smelter in Volga-Oural Region in a location where Fives already converted the existing Gas Treatment Center into a Fume Treatment Center and where a Pitch Fume Treatment Center was installed. In November, similar FCS equipment was provisionally started in a second smelter located in Siberia, ensuring the furnace was completely dried out, while the Fume Treatment Centre (FTC) was also started in by-pass mode.

To modernize its smelter and improve efficiency, productivity and environmental footprint, Aluminium Of Greece chose Fives to support its ambitions. At the end of December 2019, the customer trusted again Fives for the replacement of its FCS as part of the gas conversion project for the baking furnace. The new equipment is planned to be operational by beginning of 2021. Associated with the Fume Treatment Centre (FTC), for which the contract was secured in March 2019, synergies will be set-up between FTC and FCS.