First HSE Prize in Quebec


Fives was rewarded for the development of an application dedicated to Health and Safety.

This application, named "Find it / Fix it", received the first prize in the "Grand Prize for Health & Safety at Work » competition awarded by the CNESST (Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work), in Quebec, in the Innovation category. This solution allows for identifying and solving problems; simple and efficient, it encourages participation and information tracking while promoting a safety culture.

Thus, any employee who witnesses a hazardous situation can take a picture and either correct the situation immediately or send the correction request by email via a support button to indicate that the hazard will be processed.

All employees are encouraged to participate in this process to allow everyone to work in a safe environment. These alerts are tracked by automated indicators and monthly reviewed.

This competition values people who, through their determination, creativity and values, contribute to promoting Health and Safety in Quebec.