First Cast at Garmco

Fives Aluminium GARMCO Group Remelt Casting Facility-FIVES

On August, 3, 2017, the first cast was achieved at GARMCO’s new remelt facility in Bahrain. The aluminium slabs were produced in the presence of both GARMCO’s operation team and executives.

The initial performance tests of the Casting Machine were successfully completed on August, 27, and the machine was handed over to GARMCO’s operational team in mid-September, which was also the milestone for receiving the hot commissioning certificate.

At the end of August, the first batch of scalped slabs came out from the new production line. Scalping consists of mechanical removal of contamination from surface of a slab cast prior to hot rolling. Following scalping, the slabs have now been successfully rolled at the existing Hot Rolling Mill Facility as well as cold rolled to finished gauge thickness.

The second Holding & Melting Furnace had to be operational in the second half of September, while the Twin Chamber Furnace for post-consumer scraps melting, and the Air Pollution Control system will be operational by the beginning of October.

Casthouse ramp-up is on-going to reach full capacity by the end of October 2017.

During the project execution, safety was at the heart of Fives’ priority. Thanks to both our HSE policy and the daily work of our site teams, we have just reached 1,500,000 working hours without any Lost Time Injuries.