Firing & Control System acceptance at the Trimet Anode Baking Furnace

News FCS acceptance Timet ABF Mars16-FIVES

In November 2015, Fives Solios SA received the industrial completion for the modification of the Firing & Control System on the Anode Baking Furnace at the Trimet’s aluminium plant in St Jean de Maurienne, France.

The contract, that was signed in February, 2015, consisted of:

  • the supply of three gas Heating Ramps (HR), compatible with the ones already delivered in 2007
  • the software package upgrade with the addition of an alternative method of gas injection
  • the integration and commissioning of the three ramps in the existing fires while providing a support to change the furnace configuration

As part of their furnace capacity increase, Trimet was willing to add six additional chambers, to reach a total of 46 chambers, in order to be able to operate with three fires including three Heating Ramps each.

The ramp delivery and integration on one of the two fires in operation was successfully carried out on time in July, 2015. The maintenance team training and the transition towards 46 chambers were implemented at the beginning of November, 2015. The third fire will be commissioned by Trimet at a later stage without Fives’ assistance.