Firing and Control System contracts

At the beginning of December, 2015, Nalco awarded both Fives India and Fives Solios SA with a turnkey contract to upgrade the Firing and Control system on the Anode Baking Furnaces no 2, at its aluminium smelter located in Angul, India.

This project consists of the PLC replacement and the installation of new blowing regulation system. The complete system was supplied by Setaram in 2001.

This project will be jointly executed by Fives India in Chennai for local supply and equipment installation, and Fives Solios SA for engineering studies, some supplies and supervision.

At the end of November, 2015, Fives successfully replaced the Level 2 Firing Control System at the Tomago Aluminium’s Anode Baking Furnace in Newscastle, Australia.
The three Anode Baking Furnaces, which were operating with six PCs for the Central Control System (CSS), are now operating only with two. Each furnace is equipped with two monitoring screens instead of one ; thus the daily follow up for the operators is easier. 

The modularity of the Fives software suite allows for controlling the three Level 1 PLC and program generation without interfering on level 1. The three furnaces that are using different technologies can thus be controlled from a single redundant machine. Cost and site installation time were optimized and carried out without stopping production.