Engineering Sustainability Mark for Lineos

News Engineering Sustainability Mark for Lineos Mars16-FIVES

On January, 2016, the Engineered Sustainability® brand was granted to Lineos, the optimum environmental solution dedicated to the Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal.

The Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® approach defines a demanding and long-term eco-design process, and leads to branding solutions which offer high levels of operational and environmental performance, with the Engineered Sustainability® mark. 

For Fives Solios SA, the objective was to find a reliable solution to treat all emissions in a clean and efficient manner to meet its customers’ requirements. After 3 years of continuous improvement through the experience of both Qatalum and Ma’aden projects, Lineos was born. 

This technology is based on a fume pre-treatment system upstream an RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidiser) for effective VOC (Volatile Organic Components) destruction, that operates according to 3 optimized modes: ship unloading, waiting mode and truck loading.

The eco-design studies on Lineos, which started in March 2013, revealed several benefits:

  • emissions: <5mg/Nm3 PAH and <20mg/Nm3 VOC, with 99% of reliability
  • energy efficiency: up to 90% less energy consumption and up to 80% OPEX reduction compared to a standard RCO solution
  • high level of operability: no material handling and no dedicated operator (carried-out by truck drivers)
  • improved safety: anti-fire and anti-explosion systems