ECL Pot Tending Machine for Alba 6 Project – An Historical Step!

ECL PTM Alba transport Fives-FIVES

Twelve months delivery time from customer contract to operational Pot Tending Machine (PTM) delivered on site: it had never been made before, and that was Fives’ challenge!

As part of the Alba 6 expansion project, in April, 2017, Fives was awarded by Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C., a contract for 12 PTM. The challenge was massive: the two first machines designed for the new DX+ technology had to be both delivered and operational within 12 months on Alba site, where it usually takes 16 to 18 months…

As soon as the contract was awarded, working processes and organization were established to meet the challenge. Thus, a strong project team was set up to ensure a perfect coordination and a high level of collaboration between all departments, as well as an excellent partnership with main suppliers. This dedicated organization has led to enhance global efficiency by allowing to carry out simultaneously engineering and manufacturing, with significant overlapping activities.

However, this tight schedule could not impact safety and quality both in workshops and onsite, so the highest levels of control and test have been applied. While working with historical suppliers for some specific parts, added-value part manufacturing, assembly and testing were performed in Fives’ workshops in France.

In early January 2018, the equipment was shipped to Bahrain by alternative way of maritime route allowing for saving 2 more weeks. .

According to the commitment, which was a major customer’s requirement, and in order to avoid severe coactivity on job construction site, the PTM were assembled on two dedicated gantries on Fives’ yard, 500 m away from Alba 6 gate, instead of Alba site, among the other contractors. Tests and pre-operational verifications were also performed on these gantries before the 200T equipment was transported on specific trailers to customer’s site during the night.  The first one arrived on site on April, 18, 2018:the contract was fulfilled!

Fives’ teams are now on track to deliver the 10 remaining PTM by the end of the year; six having already been delivered at the end of September..

Relying on a rigorous team organization, a highly qualified subcontractor for the final assembly, and a fully innovative way of working on site, Fives is proud to have set a new standard for the Aluminium Smelter Equipment industry!

In April 2018, Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. renewed its confidence  in Fives with an additional contract for 2 PTM to be delivered in early 2019.