Casthouse Service Completion in Oman

Fives Aluminium  Casthouse Service Completion in Oman feb17-FIVES

In June 2016, Lefebvre Oman Casting Plant awarded a contract to Fives Solios Ltd. for revamping two 45-ton casthouse furnaces, mothballed by the previous owner of the plant. The plant produced mainly busbars using a horizontal DC casting machine. 

The client had ambitious plans to have the plant started-up before the end of 2016.
The scope of work consisted of a structural review (Finite Element Analysis) of the two furnaces as well as the supply of a full set of updated engineering drawings in order to improve the furnace design. This included a new lift beam, a door, a damper and exhaust hoods. 
The client was responsible for all fabrication and installation work with Fives’ assistance for commissioning and startup. 

The first cast was successfully completed on the 21st December, 2016.