A Fives white book on industrial waste heat recovery

The environmental aspect is a crucial factor of sustainability, performance and competitiveness for the industry.

At the very heart of the process, Fives’ multisectoral expertise allows to minimize heat losses and re-use energy within the process, and to recapture residual energy losses through external energy recovery systems. Waste heat recovery (WHR) is the next step in terms of energy efficiency for energy-intensive industries.

Fives is committed to overall energy optimization, without compromising on operational issues. The Group offers robust and competitive WHR solutions that are able to manage the variability of waste energy supply and to ensure production continuity.

Fives provides unbiased advice regarding technology choices. But more than this, Fives brings a strong process knowledge that ensures that the WHR solution is fully integrated and adapted to each industrial issue – a key success factor.

In this regard, Fives Solios carried out an energy loss’ assessment in units linked to its activities in an aluminium smelter (gas from electrolysis pots, fumes from anode baking furnaces, from green anode plants and from aluminium melting and homogenization furnaces).

This energy assessment allowed Fives Solios to measure heat losses and to identify heat recovery and conversion solutions. For exemple, for pot electrolysis’ gas, Fives Solios provides complete heat recovery solutions applicable for urban heating in cold countries (Romania and Norway) and for seawater desalination in hot countries close to the sea.