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  • refurbish project PTM Alba FSG web April20-FIVES

    Contract for 2 PTM Major Repair and Life Extension

    Following the successful completion of a first ECL Pot Tending Machine (PTM) refurbishment at the beginning of the year, a Gulf Aluminium Producer renewed its confidence in Fives for two additional machines.

  • gas intervention fivesnordon2-FIVES

    Partnership between Fives Services Gulf and Fives Nordon

    Thanks to a close cooperation between Fives’ companies, an emergency repair was carried out in a gas plant in Saudi Arabia, thus preventing production losses for the customer.

  • LINKED remote assistance Fives Solios2-FIVES

    Remote Assistance to maintain a presence with our Customers

    In a context where travelling remains complicated, the Fives’ teams are committed to continuing to assist clients remotely thanks to the new digital tools available and existing Fives’ advanced process control solutions.

  • Remote Assistance Operations Fives Covid19-FIVES

    Fives’ Commitment to its Customers during Covid-19

    The Fives’ teams have remained mobilized since the beginning of the pandemic to support their customers by implementing remote assistance and continuing operations and supply of spare parts.


    A remote expertise for Customers' support

    In response to the travel restrictions triggered by Covid19, Fives’ Services Teams have accelerated the implementation of remote expertise to assist its customers around the world in maintaining their production.

  • Image news Coronavirus vignette -FIVES

    TMS award notice Anode tracking

    The TMS Light Metal expert community recognizes the value of the Fives’ Anode Tracking solution by awarding it the Prize for best publication.


    Fives' Anode Baking Technology preferred by Customers

    Two customers selected Fives' technology for its reliability, versatility, robustness and ease of use; addressing production and environmental constraints.

  • Fives FTC-FIVES

    Focusing on the environment

    Two customers have chosen Fives based on its industry-leading expertise and extensive experience in environmental pollution control solutions.


    Proximity for enhancing Services

    Tool Crane Repair Program is one of the maintenance solutions offered by Fives. Using a flexible approach, we help customers to optimize performance, decrease production downtime, while ensuring the right quality at a minimum maintenance cost.