ECL Crust breakers

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Thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions, ECL Crust Breakers and Feeding Devices have been recognized as safe and reliable since 1980.

ECL Crust Breakers are characterized by:

  • Easy removal from pot thanks to quick connect coupling and flanged valves
  • Excellent alumina feeding steadiness
  • Long guiding to limit side loads on cylinder
  • Accurate chisel contact (bath sensing)
  • Innovative electrical insulation composite material
  • Stainless steel spool and sleeve valves technology without dynamic seals

ECL Crust Breakers perfectly meet environmental standards (magnetic field, fluoride emissions, etc).

Fives’ latest design improvements include composite insulation material.

Main advantages

  • Extended life span
  • Reduced OPEX due to low maintenance and air saving
  • Reliability even in extreme conditions (pot start-up)
  • Safety thanks to composite insulation material

An optimised solution

All equipment is tested in Fives’ laboratory on dedicated test bench reproducing pot environment such as temperature and crust. Automated endurance tests equivalent to a 20-year operation are carried out on each design modification. In addition, innovative solutions are validated on operating pots in aluminum smelters.

Fives’ design department maintains close contacts with end users, thus ensuring to match process, operation and maintenance expectations.

Fives Aluminium ECL Crust breakers back jull16-FIVES

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