Anode Beam Raising Frame

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Fives Aluminium ECL Anode Beam Raising Frame Front Janv16-FIVES

Due to continuous anode consumption on pots, the Anode Beam Raising Frame has to be raised every 10 to 14 days. Fives supplies a reliable and automatic system to make easier operator’s daily operation.

ECL Anode Beam Raising Frame is composed of one tubular structure, which includes 2 fixed lifting shafts. The lifting is performed by the existing lifting crane with either 2 lifting hoists or the hooking bells following the Pot Tending Assembly equipment. 
ECL Anode Beam Raising Frame can be equipped with 2 stabilizers on each side that prevent swinging movement of the ABRF during translation motion.

Easy and perfect guiding

When the ABRF is lowered above one pot, it is guided by 4 feet. The beam is lowered on the superstructure until its guiding feet touch the superstructure. The guiding feet center perfectly meets the ABRF on the superstructure. Then, by continuing the lowering, the grabs are introduced easily around the anode stems.

Individual Anode grab

ECL Anode Beam Raising Frame has a grab for each anode stem, which main function is to hold the stem and to press it against the anode beam for keeping a good electrical contact when the anode clamps are loosened.

Safe device

Fives Aluminium ECL Anode Beam Raising Frame Back Janv16-FIVES

The clamping and the applying of anode stem are performed by springs, so that in case of air pressure failure, the functions are “failsafe device”. 

The connector loosening and tightening can be done individually or automatically through a tightening trolley, which runs along one rail fixed on the beam side.

Fives protects its equipment against accidental extra current that could cause damage on the mechanical functions such as pneumatic cylinders, bearings... The resistance insured by the insulation parts is higher than 1 MΩ.

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